In the course of a transaction, I am here to help you navigate the process of selecting the various service providers to best suit your needs. These include a Title Company, an Escrow Holder, Insurance Representatives and more. Some of these serve both the Buyer and the Seller, so the choice has to be agreed upon by all parties. Below is an overview of the services that we will be reviewing together. It seems overwhelming, but it’s not!


HOME FINANCING If you already have a strong working relationship and sense of trust with a mortgage broker or a bank, then stay loyal. If not, it’s a good idea to get a sense of competitive rates and services. You want a loan representative who hears you and understands your needs. As one of your considerations, the BHHS affiliated Southern California mortgage lender provides a vast menu of mortgage loans at competitive rates; Call Greg Roberts at 310-248-6499. I have also had great success in working with an independent mortgage broker:  Mark Cohen (310) 777-5401 as well as Janna Kohl at 1st Century Bank 310-270-6820.

RELOCATION I am often asked by clients for a referral in other cities within the US and abroad. Each time I have worked through our relocation service, my clients have been pleased. The BHHS counselors (858) 792-3390 take special care to match an appropriate Realtor to you or your employee after careful consultation.

INSURANCE Understanding the insurability of your purchase is a vital part of your due diligence period. Even if you are not getting a loan whereby insurance is a funding requirement, insurance is a good idea. I invite you to consult with a BHHS Insurance representative to get a better sense of the different rates and packages available.

ESCROW The escrow holder is a neutral third party who holds the funds and processes the paperwork with the lender and title company as your transaction makes its way to closing. A good escrow officer makes a big difference in the process and I have had excellent experience with our BHHS affiliate, Pickford Escrow.  They can be reached at 310-573-3800.

TITLE This is another very important part of a Buyer’s due diligence period. Restrictions on building and situations affecting the salability of a property are contained in the Title Report. A good Title Officer is vital to navigating around any problems that may apply to your property. California Title  (800) 280-9131 has been a valuable resource to me and my clients over the years.

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